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                                                           Welcome to the Metcalf School Art Page! 

For any questions, please contact Mrs. LaFrenaye at: Sharon_lafrenaye@ewg.k12.ri.us

For Art Lessons (Scroll to Art) check out: http://www.rifamilyguide.com/activities.html

Artsonia Permission Slip 

Artsonia.com Frequently Asked Questions! 

           - REGISTRATION: Once a student has signed up for Artsonia at Wawaloam or Metcalf, they are                 
             all set! Their one-time registration carries over from year to year unless you decide otherwise. 

           - USER NAME/PASSWORD: To find your user name or password, go to www.Artsonia.com, click
              the blue Login button, click the Parent tab and you will be guided from there.  

           - POSTING ARTWORK: Art is posted at school from September to January. After this, Mrs. 
              LaFrenaye works on other special lessons/events such as the Duck Stamp Contest, Earth Day Poster 
              Contest, and Metcalf Creative Arts Night! In addition, work can be posted from home any time with the
              free Artsonia app! 

           - E-MAIL PREFERENCE:  When you are sent an e-mail from Artsonia.com, click the link at the 
              bottom of the e-mail to manage your e-mail options. You can receive all, some, or none of
              the following options: General News, Artist Activity (when art or comments for your student are 
              posted), Promos.